AAA Australian Flags & Flagpoles: A Renowned Supplier of Wooden Flag Poles

AAA Australian Flags and Flagpoles is a market leader in manufacturing, designing, and supplying aluminium as well as wooden flag poles to its Australian and international customers forover 25 years. Customers love our wooden flag poles because we don’t lathe them, but we use the traditional method of hand-crafting them.Captain Cooks Lodge, Fairbrother Constructions, Museum Vic., the RoyalExhibition Building, Flinders Street Station, and many other well-known Melbourne locations are some of our well-known clients who are very happy with our wooden flag poles products.

We have highly creative artisans, who are experts in giving the flag poles an appealing rustic appearance. Our artisans usually take four days’ time to design a wooden flag pole. They prepare the wood required for flag poles, shape it with a planner, sand round and oil it, followed by painting to make a unique wooden flag pole.And if you can find a better price for Australian made products, we will beat it!

Timber Flagpoles Melbourne

we don’t lathe our flagpoles we hand craft them using tried old methods of making flagpoles and staffs and sailing masts our flagpoles are rustic in appearance not perfect but this is the charm and appeal to most people of the work that goes into making these poles 1 pole take about 4 days to make we like to take our time as we prepare the timber hand shape with a planner then sand round then oil the pole and fill in the imperfections and then we paint and fit out pole so if you want a 1 of a kind flagpole use timber if you want perfect in every way use aluminium we supply and make both

we manufacture from 3 metre to 30 metres

  • all made from Australian white cypress or radiata pine
  • designed and manufactured from sustainably managed Australian timber
  • durability 1
  • white ant resistant
  • chemical free
  • structurally sound
  • 100% recycleable
  • engineered laminated timber
  • natural beauty of the product
  • also available in any colour for painted poles
  • all our flagpoles are kiln dried and come pretreated with timber preservative cutek cd 50 and extreme to protect your pole
  • 25 year guarantee on our flagpoles if painted and taken care off these will last a lifetime if taken care of


we are happy to supply you with a free quotation

all our flagpoles masts are made to order to your specifications and will give you many many years of enjoyment

please see our photo gallery of pole in progress being made

timber flagpole jobs completed

please see below of some of our clients we have manufactured timber flagpoles for

  • Melbourne exhibition buildings 5 x timber poles 15 metres in length
  • eagle hawk town hall restoration project 1 x 8 metre flag pole
  • north Melbourne town hall
  • hmas cerbrus pole restoration
  • museum vic
  • fairbrother constructions – Bendigo
  • captain cooks lodge

Specialities Of Our Wooden Flag Poles

Our wooden flag poles are highly in demand among Australian as well as international clients. We generally supply flagpoles of 3 metres to 30 metres in height.Specialities of our product can be summed us as follows:

  • Quality Timber Used: All our wooden flag poles are designed and manufactured from the high-quality softwood material, taken from the trees like Australian white cypress or radiata pine.
  • Highly Durable: All types of wooden flag poles are designed and manufactured in such a way that they are high in durability, chemical free, white ant resistant, and completely recyclable.
  • Well Designed Structure: They are made up of engineered laminated timber and come in awell-designed structure as per the demand.
  • Variety OfColours Used: They are available in avariety of colours. You can order according to your colour preference.
  • Timber Preservative Used: All our wooden flag poles are pre-treated with a timber preservative such as cutek cd 50, which increases its durability. They are also kiln dried.
  • 25 Years of Guarantee Period: We offer 25 years of long guarantee period to all our wooden flag poles. If you take proper care of it, it will last for the lifetime.

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