Flag – A Symbol of Pride

Flags are perhaps one of the most significant symbols in human history. They can represent countries, communities, ships and so much more. Here at AAA, we honour the value of flags and their history, and seek to continue their longstanding tradition. Having been involved in the flag and flagpole industry for fifteen years now, we aim to provide the best in quality materials at a cheap price with only the best in service and value.

We manufacture a wide range of products, from the Australian flag to flag poles, custom made flags, real estate flags, corporate flags, aluminium sporting goalposts, flags for hire and more.

Invest in Quality

Our pricing policy here at AAA Flags and Flagpoles is quite simple, yet very effective – We will match or beat any written quote on Australian made flags! You can always fill out our enquiries/quote form and we will get back to you in twenty-four hours with nothing but good news on matching or beating prices!

Full pricing details are also available on our website where you can shop for a variety of products, including flagpole components, international flags, timber flagpoles and so much more. We encourage you to buy Australian flags online via our website as you will get nothing but fantastic prices by shopping direct!

The flags we produce are fully sown and printed poly woven flags with the logo or design of your choice, and are made to last. From 1 piece to 1,000 pcs, any size order is available and service is quick, efficient and incredibly reliable.

"We have been using AAA Flags and Flagpoles for many years now and have found the service and quality top class we would recommend to anyone their services."

− Villawood properties

"We bought a flagpole and an Australian flag for our home 3 years ago still going strong great quality product made here in Melbourne."

− Nikki Lydhurst

"We have been buying flags fromm AAA for a few years now no complaints."

− J King

Commercial Flags

We also provide teardrop and feather flags, bunting and pennant flags. The Tear Drop Flag is a fantastic advertising option, with a complete display advertising system included with the flag, including a three metre long pole, a spike base and a hard standing cross stand with a stabilising water weight for indoor and outdoor use. Fully sewn flags are the longest lasting flag as they are applied to heavy-duty fabric called bunting. Repairs are easily made to them and although they are more expensive than other flags, they give a far more professional and traditional look and quality than any other flag type.

Bunting & Pennant Flags

Finally, bunting and pennant flags are cheap yet effective advertising and festive additions to any indoor or outdoor event, with logos and designs easily printed onto them to give that fantastic professionalism to any business or occasion. We usually supply from 10 metres to 1,000 metres in length, however other lengths can always be discussed with us.

For more information on our extensive flag and flagpole products and services, including flag types, designs, brandings and repairs, why not get in contact with us? You can fill out our online contact form, give us a call, send us an email or drop into our office. Either way, we’d love to hear from you!